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Anavi Jewelry

Anavi, derived from "kind to people," represents more than just medical jewelry; it's a symbol of thoughtfulness, quality, and sustainability. My work for Anavi Jewelry focuses on capturing the essence of a high-end, compassionate brand that seamlessly integrates medical information into its designs.


Branding & Identity


I've translated the essence of Anavi Jewelry into visual elements, logos, color schemes, and branding materials that convey the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. My designs for Anavi Jewelry reflect the same commitment to user-centricity, ensuring that every piece not only meets medical needs but also aligns seamlessly with contemporary fashion trends.

The branding I crafted for Anavi Jewelry was driven by the aspiration to evoke a profound sense of high-end luxury in the realm of medical accessories. Each design element, color choice, and visual component was thoughtfully curated to create an aura of sophistication and opulence.

Wild Nature
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