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Industries: Technology, Beauty, B2B, B2C

Hairvine is a curated list of hair specialists with niche skillsets built to help our users discover them. Hairvine organizes salons, stylists, and products and closes the loop with what and whom to use depending on hair type and necessity. Hairivine connects directly to the tools that salons and hairstylists are already using for booking and payment. 

Phone in Hand Mockup2.png

Industries: Community, B2B, B2C

Dwellio was designed to serve three very important user and customer bases, including:

  • Residents of cities & towns (with an emphasis on Millennials and Gen Z)

  • Local SMBs (Restaurants, Retailers, Service Providers, etc.) and National brands with a local focus

  • Local Municipalities, Neighborhood & Community Groups, Non-Profits

lot pop

Industries: Real Estate, Events, B2C

Lot Pop is a management company for vacant lots with access to the "Adobe Suite" of events. The Lot Pop was developed as a system of individual products that, together, provide one service. This service aids small businesses by leveraging unused land in urban areas. It will provide a seamless application process for permitting,


Industries: Technology, Security

Angelus-Umbra, the flagship product and companion mobile app built by Akwyar, aims to bring security into the 21st century by making the tools that drive real-time intelligence accessible and affordable. Keep informed on safety and security events unfolding around you.

Artboard 1.png
ice n beans

Industries: Restaurant, B2C

Ice-n-Beans is a coffee and ice cream shop that provides clients with two different experiences, ice cream, and coffee. 

Salt Vault

Industries: Health, Wellness, B2C

Salt Vault is a brick-and-mortar company that aims to provide health and spa services in salt rooms. The logo needed to provide a unique visual that shows the company's value.

Salt Vault_FInal-05.png
Las olas
Social club

Industries: Social Club

Las Olas Social Club is located in Fort Lauderdale. It is a social club that provides a safe space to teach poker and allows amateurs to play and practice their skills.

shades of pink

Industries: Beauty, B2C

Shades of Pink is a make-up company for special events and specializes in weddings. The logo needed to represent the name and display a sense of elegance.

Artboard 1.jpg

Industries: Beauty, Jewelry, Health,  B2C

Anavi means "kind to people". It is a jewelry company created to deliver a line of jewelry that is fashion-forward and targeted to individuals with health conditions that don't want to feel "tagged"

ANAVI _packaging 1.jpg
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