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Finding where we belong in this world, our own special place where we can fit in and be accepted for who we are, where we can find places to go, people, to meet, things to do, and create experiences that surprise and delight us is no easy task, hence... Dwellio


Identity & Branding, UX Design, UI Design, Website Design

Investor Prospectus.png

Developing the brand narrative to match the company aesthetic was a challenge.

It needed to be accessible, friendly, and easily understood. This narrative had to be reflected not just in the product but all assets for investors and customers alike.

I was also tasked with merging The Lot Pop, my previous company which was acquired by Dwellio.

iPhone 13 Pro.png

Mobile Design

The mobile design was clean and simple to allow the user to discover new things relevant to their search and location. Navigating was made simple through keywords at the bottom of the screen.


Web Design

The primary goal of the website was to tell the story of Dwellio through the user journey with the product. I achieved this through an illustrated flow. 

2020-05-26_dwellio lot pop logo.png
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