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A goal achievement and knowledge collaboration platform. I worked with leadership and a cross-functional team to develop a brand, identity, design system, and product. Our team saw this app through various iterations and releases and while it was never truly finished, it is a valuable resource that I have used to improve my own designs. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked on this project.


Identity & Branding, Product Strategy, UX Design, UI Design, Interaction Design, Design System Development, Information Architecture, Marketing & Graphic Design

rProfile - Flowchart w_ HF Comps - R Profile.jpeg

Understanding where you are to get to where you're going.

The vision for Relatus was ambitious, to say the least. It was a rewarding experience but also met with many challenges. The concept revolved around a single profile that would encompass all aspects of a person's life: their network, their goals, and their ambitions. Relatus would then help users achieve their goals by connecting them with the right people and resources.

The biggest challenge was making this product simple and intuitive for users. We wanted to create a platform that was easy to use, but also powerful enough to help people achieve their goals. We spent a lot of time iterating on the design and functionality of the platform, and we are still working to improve it. Unfortunately, this meant skipping out on much of the design process. 

We were in the process of raising money the entire time we were developing the product. I assisted in nearly all design assets including, pitch decks, investor materials, as well as product design.


Web & Mobile Design

The design went through many iterations. The last one was a leap forward from previous ones with lights colors, more legibility and a simper design system overall.


Style Guide

The style guide was a constant work in progress that reflected the iterations and changes of the product and design system. 

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